John Sharp

As a member some years ago I was very glad when I found your website. In particular Roger's photo site with the old members photos including my dear friend Des Plumb riding his Cub which he eventually sold to me in the hope I would fix it stopping in sections. I let him down badly when I swapped it for a rotten RME Riley. He never forgave me. I believe Dave Plumb has rescued it so it ends well.

I noticed several photos of Greeves specials in the bike section and wondered if Roger would like another, so I have attached a photo of my Greevesfield which I hope to finish shortly. There's also a photo of my oily rag G80 bought from Alan Cox many years ago and my trials cub which doesn't stop in sections but instead leaves an oil slick and smoke screen even though it had a small fortune spent in a workshop I shouldn't mention.

We have lived in Mid Wales for the last twenty years but still visit two of my children living in Kent... lockdowns permitting.

The AJS is my son's lockdown project. He's fitted a Villiers 34C engine as we could not find a Starmaker.

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