Thameside Cup Trial 2019

Best Expert                           Nick Dowland                 53ml                           

Best Expert B                        Martin Stevens              53ml                                                                      

Best Inter                               Mark Robinson            100ml                                             

Best Inter B                            James Coker                  52ml                                                    

Best Over 40                          Steve Mote                   76ml

Best Novice                            Jamie Clarke                 49ml                                                                     

Best Over 50                          Richard Andrews         36ml

Best NKTC Over 50                Mark Stubberfield      42ml                                 

Best Pre 67/ Twinshock        Paul Stephen               44ml                                   

Best Youth Novice                 Sam Kent                   157ml          

Best Adult Sportsman           Dennis Fleet                 21ml                 

Best Youth Sportsman          Charles Gwyther          95ml                   


I would like to thank Valerie Holloway for the use of the land.  Thanks to the COC Bryn Matton and his helpers setting out the sections and helping on the day. A thank you to Cheryl Matton for making tea and snacks as BRM could not attend due to sickness. Also special thanks go to the observers.

1,Emily Smith  2,Marge Clarke  3,Phil Stewart and Helpers  4,Adam Marshall  5,Rab Smith  6,Paul Chapman 7,C Exell  8,Clive Dodd  9,Shaun Wallis  10,Jake Houckham  11,John Dudley 12, Andy Wilson 13,John Kane

Any protests to be made with the appropriate fee (£100) within 5 days. As per ACU rules. To be returned if upheld.

Hope you had a good day.


Roger Thompson 

Keith Boxall - a tribute by Norman Flury

I’m sad to report that Keith Boxall has died aged 91.


When I joined the Eagles in 1949 with Helier Long, Colin Watson, the Mannerings and Battershills, Keith and Mary were leading members and Keith, Norman Ralph and Alan Gurr were our total trails section.


If I remember rightly, Keith competed on an Ex W.D. Ariel 350 rigid rear end and girder forks.


In those days motorcycle clubs were very social with wives at most club nights and weekend runs with family sidecars and Keith and Mary were always there.


Keith worked in the steel industry near Farningham for many years and became a very keen photographer amongst many other hobbies.


Keith and Mary had three sons, Mark, Paul and Dean who became keen on motorcycling and currently follow Moto GP at many events worldwide.


Alas, another Eagle has flown away.


Norman Flury

Watling Tyre Trial 2019

Best Inter                                      Dave Plumb           4ml                                                                      Best Over 40                                 Colin Mote             9ml

Best Novice                                  Mark Teal               11ml (most cleans)                                               

Best Over 50                                 Kevin Miller            4ml

Best Youth Inter                           Frankie Ely              2ml

Best Youth Novice                        Ben Wilkinson      15ml

Best Twinshock                            Steve Jones             2ml   

Best Adult Sports                         Dennis Fleet           1ml

Best Youth Sports                        Sam Kent              18ml

Best Twinshock Blue                   Chris Dark               5ml

Watling Tyres Draw Winner Kevin Gleadow No 18      


Firstly I would like to thank Valerie Holloway for the use of the land. Valerie has also donated the land charge to Cancer Research UK. Also thank you to our sponsor Norman Flury of Watling Tyres for the donation of a trials tyre. Many thanks to COC Phil Stewart and his team setting sections and to all the officials who helped on the day.                                                                        


Special thanks to the observers.


1, Andy & Ron Warwicker

2, John Kane

3, Adam Marshall

4, Shaun Wallis

5, Rob Smith 

6, Malc Anderson

7, Paul May & Claire

8, Alan Cox

9, Marge Clarke

10, Alan Clarke

11, Jake Houckham              

12, John Dudley

13, Bryn Matton

Protest must be made within five days to the sec of the meeting with £100 as per ACU ruling to be returned if upheld.  I hope you all had a good day’s sport.

Roger Thompson on behalf of Gravesend Eagles MCC      


Kent & Sussex Team Trial 2019

"The Full Monty" are Joint winners in Inter Centre Team Trial. Congratulations to Steve Mannerings, Bryn Matton and Phil Stewart all riding Montesa's and Club Observers John Dudley, Les Matton and Roger Thompson. Well done you Eagles!


Richard Bartlett Trial 2019

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Thameside Cup Trial 2018

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Watling Tyres Trial 2018

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